With Rapid Transfer (developed by the authors of Skrill) deposits and withdrawals can be made at lightning speed. While using Rapid Transfer, you don’t need to leave the website as you accept money transfers by means of online banking, thus you are not required to register an account in order to make a deposit! When you use Rapid Transfer you always accept transfers with online bank codes and you can be sure that such transfers are always quick, easy and secure.

1. Select Rapid Transfer as a payment method
2. Insert your bank details
3. Accept the transfer with your online bank identification details
4. Confirm payment
Skrill is an e-wallet that enables card-free deposits without separate bank confirmation. You can log into Skrill with your email to control all your money transfers via the mobile application. Skrill deposits arrive immediately and upon approval of the payment operation, it will be available in your account within a few minutes. Please contact the Customer Service Department for more information.
Neteller e-wallet is extremely easy to use. Neteller is featured by first class security and enables immediate money transfers, whether you deposit or withdraw. It takes less than a minute to register in Neteller and you get immediate access to several payment methods for transferring money to your Neteller account.
Paysafe Card is a prepaid card that you use to feed your balance before making a deposit. Paysafe is one of the biggest financial companies that deals with all types of operations in terms of customer financial support. Since this is a prepaid card, you are always clear about your budget and you spend only the amount you have planned to spend. You can find your Paysafe card in the store next to you, or in the points of sale with “R” sign. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk.
If you want to use cryptocurrency to pay, you need your own cryptocurrency wallet. Payments are anonymous, quick and free of charge. Just scan the QR code and the money will be withdrawn you’re your wallet immediately. The current market price of cryptocurrency is always on hand, before making a deposit. You can use cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals.
Jeton GO offers immediate money transfers by means of IBAN, thus allowing you to deposit and withdraw funds, without incurring any expenses for such operations. All charges may remain in the wallet to your account and you will be able to trace them and in the meantime you can be sure that payments are safe, reliable and easily traceable. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions with regard to the above.
Jeton GO offers immediate money transfers by means of IBAN, thus allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals without additional costs. All payments may be traced in your Jeton account wallet and you can rely on secure, reliable and traceable payments. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Jeton Wallet is a payment application enabling you to make operations to traders worldwide and not only to e-casinos. You can feed your wallet via all known payment methods. Deposits and withdrawals are immediate and all payments can be traced and managed via the Jeton application. Download the application today and make a deposit.
When using the Ecopayz payment method, before making a deposit, you have to log into your account first. Ecopayz is free for users and may be used bot for making deposits and for withdrawal of gains. Ecopayz gives users maximum control over their funds, since you have to increase your balance before making a deposit. Furthermore, Ecopayz makes the transfer of funds to an account or related card easier.

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